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50 Awesome Auto Projects for the Evil Genius - Gavin Harper.pdf
Advanced Automotive Fault Diagnosis - Tom Denton.pdf
Advanced Control Engineering - Roland Burns.pdf
Advanced Engineering Dynamics - Harrison & Nettleton.pdf
Advanced Microsystems Automotive Applications - Jurgen Valldorf.pdf
Advanced Microsystems For Automotive Aplication - G. Valldorf.pdf
Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2009 - G. Meyer.pdf
Advanced Vehicle Technology - Heinz Heisler.pdf
Advances in Vehicle Design - John Fenton.pdf
Aerodynamics for Engineering Students - E.L. Houghton.pdf
Air Engines - Theodor Finkelstein.pdf
American Cars 1946-1959 - Every Model Year by Year.pdf
American Cars 1960-1972 - Every Model Year by Year.pdf
Aupercharging Turbocharging And Nitrous Oxide Perfomance - Earl Davis.pdf
Automobile Electrical and Electronic Systems - Tom Denton.pdf
Automotive Air Conditioning and Climate Control Systems - Steven Daly.pdf
Automotive Chassis Engineering Principles - Jornsen Reimpell.pdf
Automotive Computer Control Systems - William Husselbee.pdf
Automotive Computer Controlled Systems - Allan Bonnick.pdf
Automotive Control Systems For Engine, Driveline, and Vehicle - Lars Nielsen.pdf
Automotive Embedded Systems - Nicolas Navet.pdf
Automotive Engine Valve Recession - R. Lewis.pdf
Automotive Lightweight, Functional, and Novel Materials - Brian Cantor.pdf
Automotive Lubricant Testing - Simon Tung.pdf
Automotive Paints and Coatings - Hans-Joachim Streitberger.pdf
Automotive Plastics & Composites - Worldwide Markets & Trends to 2007.pdf
Automotive Production Systems And Standardisation - Constanze Clarke.pdf
Automotive Quality Systems Handbook - David Hoyle.pdf
Automotive Spark-Ignited Direct-Injection Gasoline Engines - F.Zhao.pdf
Battery Technology Handbook - H. Kiehne.pdf
Bob Bondurant on High Performance Driving.pdf
Bob Bondurant on Race Kart Driving.pdf
Brake Handbook - Fred Puhn.pdf
Car PC Hacks - Damien Stolarz.pdf
Car Stereo Speaker Projects - Dan Ferguson.pdf
Carbon Materials for Advanced Technologiess - Timothy D. Burchell.pdf
Coatings Of Polymers And Plastics - Rose Ryntz.pdf
Components Of The Suspension System.pdf
Computational Fluid Dynamics - Principles and Applications - J. Blazek.pdf
Computational Intelligence in Automotive Applications.pdf
Diagnostic Trouble Codes 2004 - Autodata.pdf
Diesel Engine Reference Book - Bernard Challen.pdf
Electric Vehicle Battery Systems - Sandeep Dhameja.pdf
Electronic Navigation Systems - Laurie Tetlay.pdf
Encyclopedia of Materials Characterization - C. Richard Brundle.pdf
Engine Testing - A.J. Martyr.pdf
Engine Tribology - M. Taylor.pdf
Engineering Fundamentals Of The Internal Combustion Engine - Willard Pulkrabek.pdf
Engineering Materials Vol1 - Michael F. Ashby.pdf
Engineering Materials Vol2 - Michael F. Ashby.pdf
Engineering Mathematics - John Bird.pdf
Ferrari 126C - Paolo D'Alessio.pdf
Fiat And Abarth Tricks - Greg Schmidt.pdf
Fiberglass & Composite Materials - Forbes Aird.pdf
Formula 1 Technical Analysis 2008-09 - Giorgio Piola.pdf
Fundamentals Of Metallurgy - Seshadri Seetharaman.pdf
Fundamentals Of Vehicle Dynamics - Thomas D. Gillespie.pdf
Gasoline Fuel Injection System - L-Jetronic - Bosch.pdf
Handbook Of Air Pollution from Internal Combustion Engines - Eran Sher.pdf
Handbook of Automotive Power Electronics and Motor Drives - Ali Emadi.pdf
Haynes - Weber, Zenith Stromberg and SU Carburetor Manual.pdf
Haynes MAX Power - Vauxhall Nova.pdf
High Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells - Singhal Subhash.pdf
Honda Engine Swaps - Aaron Bonk.pdf
How To Build An EV Car - Zadik.pdf
How To Build Hot Rod Chassis - Timothy Remus.pdf
How To Choose Camshafts & Time For Maximum Power - Des Hammil.pdf
How To Hotrod Your 2.0-Liter OHC FORD - David Vizard.pdf
How To Hotrod Your Buick V6 - Rick Bailey.pdf
How To Make Your Car Handle - Fred Puhn.pdf
How To Modify Ford SOHC Engines - David Vizard.pdf
How To Power Tune Ford SOHC - Des Hammil.pdf
How To Restore Volkswagen Beetle - Jim Tyler.pdf
Illustrated Sourcebook Of Mechanical Components - Parmley Robert.pdf
Intelligent Vehicle Technologies - Ljubo Vlacic.pdf
Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals - John Heywood.pdf
Introduction To Modern Vehicle Design - Julian Happian-Smith.pdf
Karting - Everything You Need To Know - Memo Gidley.pdf
Know and Understand Centrifugal Pumps - Larry Bachus.pdf
Light and Heavy Vehicle Technology - M.J. Nunney.pdf
Lightweight Electric Hybrid Vehicle Design - Ron Hodkinson.pdf
Making Pistons For Experimental And Restoration Engines - S.Chastain.pdf
Manual Gearbox Design - Alec Stokes.pdf
Manual Of Steel Construction - American Institute Of Steel Construction.pdf
Manual on Selection and Use of Engine Coolants - Joseph A. Lima.pdf
Materials For Automobile Bodies - Geoff Davies.pdf
Maximum Boost Turbocharger Systems - Corky Bell.pdf
Mecánica de motocicletas - Arias Paz ES.pdf
Mechanics of Sheet Metal Forming - Marciniak.pdf
Metal Foams - A Design Guide - M.F. Ashby.pdf
Metal Machining - Theory and Applications - Thomas Childs.pdf
Modern Electric, Hybrid Electric & Fuel Cell Vehicles - Mehrdad Ehsani.pdf
Modifying & Tuning Fiat&Lancia Twin-Cam Engines - Guy Croft.pdf
Modifying Production Cylinder Heads - Clive Trickey.pdf
Modyfying Small Block Chevy Engines - John Lingenfelter.pdf
Monitoring Diagnosing Efficiency Catalytic Converters - Marios Sideris.pdf
Paint Technology Handbook - R. Talbert.pdf
Pathways To A Hydrogen Future - Thomas E. Drennen.pdf
Performance At The Limit - Mark Jenkins.pdf
Physics Of Racing Series - Brian Beckman.pdf
Plastics Materials - J.A. Brydson.pdf
Preparación De Motores Para Competición - Stefano Gilieri ES.pdf
Race & Custom Car Metal Fabricators - Ron Fournier.pdf
RaceCar Aerodynamics - Joseph Katz.pdf
RaceCar Vehicle Dynamics - William & Dougls Milliken .pdf
Racing & Sports Car Chassis Design - David Phipps.pdf
Repair Of Vehicle Bodies - Fifth Edition - A. Robinson.pdf
Semi-Active Suspension Control - Gheorghe Gita.pdf
Sensors for Automotive Technology - J. Marek.pdf
Sheet Metal Handbook - Ron & Sue Fournier.pdf
Soldering, Brazing & Welding - Derek Pritchard.pdf
The Automotive Chassis - Engineering Principles.pdf
The Automotive Chassis Vol1 - Giancarlo Genta.pdf
The Automotive Chassis Vol2 - Giancarlo Genta.pdf
The Automotive Development Process - Daniel Sorensen.pdf
The Chevrolet Racing Engine - Bill Jenkins.pdf
The Complete Guide to Racing Preparation of the Fiat X19.pdf
The Complete Handbook of Sand Casting - C.W. Ammen.pdf
The Finite Element Method Vol1 - The Basis - R. Taylor.pdf
The Finite Element Method Vol2 - Solid Mechanics - R. Taylor.pdf
The Finite Element Method Vol3 - Fluid Dynamics - R. Taylor.pdf
The Grand Prix Car - Laurence Pomeroy.pdf
The Independent Man - Eddie Jordan - Autobiography.pdf
The Isaac Newton School Of Driving - Physics And Your Car - Barry Parker.pdf
The Motor Vehicle - Garret T.K.pdf
The Physics of Car Racing - Brian Beckam.pdf
The Science and Technology of Materials in Automotive Engines - Hiroshi Yamagata.pdf
The Science of Formula 1 - David Tremayne.pdf
The Shock Absorber Handbook - John Dixon.pdf
Tune To Win - Carroll Smith.pdf
Two Stroke Tuners Handbook - Gordon Jennings.pdf
Tyre And Vehicle Dynamics - Hans Pacejka.pdf
Understanding Automotive Electronics - William Ribbens 5ed.pdf
Understanding Automotive Electronics - William Ribbens 6ed.pdf
Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries - D.A.J Rand.pdf
Vehicle Crash Mechanics - Matthew Huang.pdf
Vehicle Refinement - Matthew Harrison.pdf
Vehicular Electric Power Systems - Ali Emadi.pdf
Welding For Arts & Crafts - Devaine Roy.pdf
Welding Of Aluminum & Its Alloys - Gene Mathers.pdf
Welding Tricks & Secrets - Hal Wilson.pdf

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Technical Reference Books PDF eBooks
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