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Tony Sanchez Yoga Challenge I, II, III, IV Hatha Yoga 4 DVD set €1 buy download

Tony Sanchez
7h 38m

The yoga challenge system is a complete series of videos, designed to lead the practitioner through beginner to the most advanced postures. Teacher Tony Sanchez, is a well known master in the tradition of Bishnu Ghosh and Bikram Choudhury. For Bikram students, who want to expand their horizons or anyone who wants to follow a well organized system of asanas, this series is a wonderful tool.
Yoga Challenge I is the introductory 68 minute workout, with Tony demonstrating the full postures and students Anthony and Roberta doing more limited forms of the workout, demonstrating the possibilities for all of us. Included in this video is an inspiring demonstration of Tony's award winning routine which won him the highest honors at the 1994 International Yoga Federation exhibition. The companion poster for this video is the Yoga Challenge I Poster.
Yoga Challenge II takes the student from a beginning to an intermediate practice. This 98 minute, hatha yoga workout has 68 different asanas in 15 series that will help the student to develop strength, flexibility, concentration and overall health. It is also the perfect preparation for the more advanced practices of videos III and IV.
Yoga Challenge III is a 129 minute workout for the advanced practioner of hatha yoga. Building on the earlier work in videos I & II, Yoga Challenge III integrates new and more advanced postures into a system of 80 asanas in 18 series.
Yoga Challenge IV is the ultimate yoga challenge. In this two hour and forty three minute video Tony demonstrates his complete system of 84 classic asanas with variations developed over generations by masters in his lineage. For those interested in an intense practice or who just want to see what is possible for yogis to achieve.

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Tony Sanchez Yoga Challenge I, II, III, IV Hatha Yoga 4 DVD set
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