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Zyrka Landwijt Yoga Gentle Vinyasa Flow €1 buy download

Zyrka Landwijt

Movement ... Breath ... Stream ... Feel the power and smoothness of Vinyasa yoga with this amazing training videos !
Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga - this is one of the most powerful and effective of the currently known systems of hatha yoga , the keeper of tradition which is now Sri Pattabhi Jois (Sri K.Pattabhi Jois), who heads the School of Yoga in Mysore , South India.
Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic practice that incorporates the sequence of asanas , interconnected complexes movements - Vinyasas and operated in conjunction with pranayama ( breathing in a certain way ) , bandahami ( " energy locks " ) and Drishti ( concentrating on certain points ) . At run time, the practice persists dhyana ( meditative state of consciousness).
The term " vinyasa " is translated as "Respiratory - propulsion system of exercises ." When synchronizing movement with breathing by type ujjayi Pranayama and application during asana power locks mula bandha uddiyana jalandhara bandha and bandha , in the body there is a strong internal heat that causes excessive sweating . Thus there is a process of purification and rejuvenation of the muscles and internal organs, removes toxins from the body . As a result, the practitioner feels in the body of strength and lightness. Vinyasa balances breath and ensures smooth circulation of blood throughout the body. Breathing becomes rhythmic , strong body , and the mind - spokoynym. Two sets - A and B - for beginners to DVD contains 6 separate lessons - each with its own level of difficulty and length : two half-hour , two - 45 -minute and two- hour sequence. This release contains an introduction (Intro - Start Here), two 60-minute lessons ( Series A and B), and unique in its content Textbook - Pose Guide, the section which contains detailed instructions for the 23 -s of asanas , including positioning , common mistakes , benefits and contraindications . This means that you can learn the basics of each pose, and you do not have to repeatedly listen to detailed instructions that you already know during the main posledovatelnosti. - training one -on-one with an instructor Zyrka will give you exactly what you need! Smooth, calm voice commands submitted on time , clear instructions to help you get around the selected sequence and achieve harmony and satisfaction. -
Level : Beginner > Intermediate

Download File Size:2.16 GB

Zyrka Landwijt Yoga Gentle Vinyasa Flow
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