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IES, Inc. has announced the launch of IES Building Suite 2018. This quality structural design software for engineering and related professionals. Your solution for general analysis, frames, trusses, shear wall systems, foundations, retaining walls, floor systems and more in steel, wood, concrete, aluminum, cold-formed, and masonry.

About IES Building Suite 2018

- ShapeBuilder version 9.00.0009
ShapeBuilder is a section properties calculator, stress analysis, shape database customization. Get torsion properties, cracked section properties, concrete section capacities and interaction diagrams. Integrates with VisualAnalysis.
- VisualConnect version 3.00.0001
VAConnect is a set of connection-design utilities that integrates with VisualAnalysis Design level or higher. Save the time and hassle of copying loads and geometry from one program to another. Face it, checking many load combinations is a pain, but VAConnect does exactly what is needed using all the loads from VisualAnalysis, while grouping similar connections for consistent, organized design. The tools also run stand-alone for the situations where you just have a quick check to make or a question to answer. Get back to any design in seconds to update a value or print a report. To run the stand-alone tools, you must purchase the product outright or get it as part of the IES Building Suite or IES Total Suite. With IES Transparent Reporting you get either summary reports or details that look and feel like you wrote them out by hand with sketches, equations, code references, and a clear, logical flow. These tools are the opposite of black-box and blind-trust.
- VisualAnalysis version 17.00.0012
Engineers like you use VisualAnalysis to model frames, trusses and buildings, and much more. It is versatile enough for you to solve large or unusual structures easily.
- VisualFoundation version 8.00.0004
Automate much of the work involved in finite element modeling, building models with higher-level constructs like slabs, walls, colums, and piles. Basement wall footings, combined footings, footings with holes or multiple thicknesses, or mats stiffened with grade beams are all easy to define.

About IES, Inc. IES (Integrated Engineering Software) is virtually composed of over 3000 engineers and other professionals like you. Behind the scenes, we are simply some guys who, while trained as structural engineers, prefer algorithms to calculators and keyboards to blueprints. We are applying our advanced engineering degrees and experience to helping practicing engineers around the world solve problems sensibly. Since our start in 1994, IES has helped thousands of people, just like you, with structural analysis and design tools that strive for one moniker: Friendly.

Product: IES Building Suite
Version: 2018
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer


Download File Size:132.69 MB

IES Building Suite 2018 x64
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