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Cheiro Cheiros World Predictions PDF eBook €1 buy download

Year: 2004
Author: Cheiro
Genre: astrology, predictions
Publisher: Kessinger Publishing
ISBN: 0766185753, 9780766185753
Language: English + Russian
Format: PDF, doc(rus)
Number of Pages: 266

In this volume, the author of the Fiction of the Fates of the World, the coming of the war of the nations, and the restoration of the Jews. Some events foretold, by that of that, that was done in March 1926 between Soviet Russia and Germany, the breaking out of Civil War in China and its effects on English interests. He also predicted the start of a series of Earthquakes in the countries.

Foreword publisher
Part one
Chapter first
Destiny of nations
World or war for Britain and Europe?
Astrological relationship between London and the USA
Astrological relationship between England and Germany
Why England and France can not be in an alliance
The real reason that made England join the First World War
Which nations are irreconcilable opponents for astrological reasons
Predictions concerning Great Britain
Balkan States
Of Russia
Of Japan
Chapter Two
The fate of nations (continued)
The British Empire
The Origin of Britain
The Phoenicians and Britain
The meaning of the word London
Zodiac and Stonehenge
"The Stone of Destiny" and the throne of England
"The Lost Tribes" and Britain
The Origin of St. Paul's Cathedral
The meaning of the "Temple"
Chapter Three
The Windsor Dynasty and its fate
King George V, Queen Mary and the Royal Family of Great Britain
What fate awaits King George, Queen Mary, Prince of Wales, Duke of York, Prince George and Prince Henry
Chapter Four
The British Empire and its position in the world
The loss of the words "United Kingdom"
The British Empire in its connection with the future of Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India and China
Chapter Five
The origin of the United States and their future progress
Astrological influence on the USA
The occult significance of the heraldic signs of this country
"Head of the Air" and the symbol of the Eagle
Explanation of the "occult number" of the United States
Chapter Six
The origin of the United States and its future progress (continued)
Chapter Seven
The fate of the United States
Control over the business world and finances
The coming war with Mexico and Japan
The future of the United States
Chapter eight
The mystery of the "twelve tribes of Israel"
Return of the Jews to Palestine
Why the "ten lost tribes" were scattered among the Gentiles
Chapter Nine
Predicting the future of the Jews hidden in the pyramid of Cheops
The origin of the Cheops pyramid and its occult meaning
Chapter Ten
The Coming World War
Where will the great Armageddon happen?
The promise of universal peace
Chapter Eleven
The Coming Age of Aquarius
Chapter twelve
Precession of the equinoxes
Part two
Future earthquakes, subsidence and shifts of the earth's crust
Earthquakes from 1890 to 1927

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Cheiro Cheiros World Predictions PDF eBook
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