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Pixelan SpiceMASTER Pro 2.5 for Ulead Media-and VideoStudio €20 buy download

For Ulead MediaStudio 7/later
and Ulead VideoStudio 9/later

1. Hundreds of Soft/Organic Customizable Transitions
SpiceMASTER provides an almost infinite range of fresh transitions since
every spice effect is fully customizable. Easily create ultra-soft, subtle
'directional' dissolves which add a subtle hint of movement or geometry to
lead the viewer's eye. Or organic transitions such as bursts, climatics,
plasmas, erosions, strokes, vapors ideal for cutting-edge looks in music or

sports videos, promotional work, multimedia, etc.

2. The Power to Customize/Animate OTHER Video Effects
Gain new power and control over ALL video effects/filters and keys in your
editing system (built-in or third-party). Use SpiceMASTER to easily
position, animate, and enhance them in your scenes, without wasting time
creating special mattes or detouring into a complex motion graphics program.

Organically/softly animating other effects is tremendously useful for a wide

range of productions and is easily done SpiceMASTER.

3. The MIXER for FILM Dissolves and Much More
Looking for a true film look? Even if you have a film-look plug-in for
adding grain, you're not all of the way there without also being able to
apply true FILM dissolves. SpiceMASTER 2.5 PRO solves that need with its
powerful new MIXER control. Even better, the MIXER synergizes film dissolves

with the unique power of spices. That means you can also apply DIRECTIONAL
film dissolves -- an industry first and a very useful new capability for
videographers and filmmakers! Plus, the MIXER enhances SpiceMASTER's other
creative capabilities. So you can easily form custom effect animations and
terrific spice variations that visually tie to your clips!

4. Soft/Organic Effects for Titles & Graphics (PRO only)
SpiceMASTER PRO powerfully supplements your built-in titler or CG/title
program. Reveal or hide titles, graphics, logos, lower-thirds, or
backgrounds with a subtle, beautiful 'directional' dissolve or a flowing,
organic, natural-looking edge. Blend and animate content, colors,
highlights, effects, etc. WITHIN titles. Feather text rolls/crawls
seamlessly as they enter or leave the frame, a graphic, a PIP, etc. to add a

classy touch.

5. Unique Animated/Soft/Organic PIPs (PRO only)
No longer must you limit PIP (picture-in-picture) effects to hard-edged
rectangular looks. SpiceMASTER PRO can instead easily frame PIPs with a
different shape, soft edge, glow, organic border, shadow, special texture,
or numerous other treatments. You can even create PIPs with organic shapes
that animate!

6. Custom Enhancements for B & W Mattes (PRO only)
Most video editing software can load a still-image as a matte to show
another clip within a shape. But at that point, there is not much more you
can do with the matte. To make even a slight adjustment to its edge,
position, shape, etc. you typically need to return to a titler or graphics
program and attempt changes by trial and error -- wasting valuable time.
Avoid matte tedium in SpiceMASTER. Just load the matte and then easily
fine-tune it. Position and scale it on the fly, for example, perhaps adding

a shadow, glow or softness to the matte's edge. You can even organically
animate the edge! Virtually ALL effect enhancements in SpiceMASTER are
available to you.

Download File Size:21.08 MB

Pixelan SpiceMASTER Pro 2.5 for Ulead Media-and VideoStudio
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